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The owners of this adapted two bedroom apartment in Premantura asked me to decorate the interior. They wanted it to be more comfortable, different and attractive, as the apartment had to be ready for renting in short time. The floor is made of ceramic plates, which are an imitation of dark brown marble. Accordingly, the idea quickly came up to use the colours black and yellow for the interior. The kitchen was designed and custom-made – the fronts of the elements are matt black, the handles are golden and the laminated countertop is an imitation of oak. Special attention has been paid to the kitchen wall, which is decorated with mosaic tiles ordered at a Spanish manufacturer. Both, in the living room and in the bedrooms the combination of yellow and black was applied, which comes through the grey and beige curtains to the perfect appreciation. Thus, it has come to an ideal mix of rustic and modern style. The owners are delighted and I am sure that this will have the same effect on the future tenants.

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