Interior design requires good preparation and reflection in order to devise and design an optimally functional and aesthetically appealing space in accordance with the client’s needs, interests and possibilities.

ML Solutions provides conceptual designs for your space (residential and business premises), which may include some or all of the following items:

In addition to the listed services, we also deal with the organization of works and contacting furniture suppliers and contractors, as well as provide assistance in choosing the best ones.


After consulting the client, we make one to two initial versions of the design project, after which the client decides on the one that suits him/her best and we proceed to the final floor plans, visualizations, list of specific furniture and equipment to be ordered and organization of works. The cost of all subsequent changes is the responsibility of the client and they are charged additionally.

For all interventions and modifications in the space regarding the structural elements of the building and installations, the client is obliged to obtain necessary permits and hire an authorized contractor.

The prices of these services depend on the particular situation and are determined in line with the scope of the project.

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